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PhoneFavs v2.0 Debuts

Today marks the debut of the next generation version of PhoneFavs. Version 2.0 of the mobile portal and bookmarking tool has been significantly updated to providing enhanced mobile functionality to smartphones and touch screen devices.

Some of the new features include our new mobile weather report, which automatically attempts to show you weather conditions in your area. PhoneFavs members can customize the weather to show a location of your choosing.

We’ve also given the site a new look with a focus on improving the experience on touchscreen based devices. You can now find larger text, links and buttons making finger navigation a breeze. Also checkout our new share feature. The Share function gives members a simply and easy way to create shortened URL’s and share your Favs with friends, all in a mobile friendly manner.


As always, feedback is welcomed at:

Posted by on December 17, 2009.

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